Legendary Striking Studies

In-depth guide on historic technique and tactics used by legends in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA

Based on the highly accalaimed Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns, this eBook catalogs and expands all the techniques, tactics, and strategies in the videos.  

If you have found Lawrence Kenshin's work insightful, all of the info is taken much further in this book. It will increase your fight IQ, explore striking history, and allow you to appreciate martial arts more.  

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Legendary Striking is the most complete book on technique, tactics, and strategy to date. See what's about in the preview.

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Chatri Sityodtong - The Most Influential Martial Artist in Asia

Founder of One Championship and the Premier Evolve MMA Camp

“Lawrence Kenshin is a striking genius. I am a big fan of his videos and analysis. He understands the nuances and intricacies of striking completely. And he breaks everything down in a simple, clean, and effective manner. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will always learn something new from his videos.”

Joe Rogan - Martial Arts Ambassador

UFC Commentator, Taekwondo Champion, BJJ Black Belt, Host of The Joe Rogan Experience

“Lawrence Kenshin is an amazing analyst. He does a fantastic job of breaking down fights. If you're a fan of striking, and you want to understand it better, watch Lawrence's stuff...  

He really deserves a lot of credit for that, I love watching his breakdowns!”  

Saenchai - The Pound for Pound King of Muay Thai

13x World Champion, 5x Lumpinee Stadium Champion, 2x Fighter of the year 

"Lawrence Kenshin's videos are very good... If you're just watching a fight, you may think that these things done in the ring by myself or other Thai fighters are impossible to replicate. It's great to have all the moves I do in a fight actually slowed down and analyzed. 

In a Muay Thai fight, so much is happening that if you watch it in real time, it could just pass by without you really understanding what is going on, but by dissecting parts of the fight and with practice, you would be able to learn and emulate my moves more easily."

Buakaw - The Superstar Who Globalized Muay Thai

2x K-1 MAX Champion, 14x World Champion. The most decorated Thai kickboxer

"Lawrence Kenshin is good, when my fights are in slow motion, you can understand how my knockouts are executed. Giving people a clearer picture and more in-depth knowledge about the sport is always going to be a good thing."

Firas Zahabi - Premier MMA Coach 

Muay Thai Champion, BJJ Blackbelt, Coach to GSP & Rory MacDonald

"Lawrence raises excellent points and does excellent work on his articles and videos. He does amazing work."

Duke Roufus - Premier MMA Striking Coach

7x world champion, head coach to UFC Champions Tyrone Woodley and Anthony Pettis

"Love Lawrence's work. Keep up the great work."

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Previous Book Testimonials

 Daniel Victor Bourne - MMA and Striking Coach

"Just purchased Lawrence Kenshin book. I have 100s of martial arts books and video instructions and I'm a real martial arts geek. However his e-book, and I know I'm jumping on the praising band wagon, is really good.  

First off, LK knows his stuff, even as much as to go in to detail about the different boxing styles, (strangely something I've been going on about for the past few weeks!)  

This isn't a book to teach you strikes, there are hundreds of those around, this is a concepts book and IMO that is something that I find more valuable. I definitely recommend this to coaches and practitioners who already have a certain level of experience and now wish to expand their Fight IQ.  

It's currently on offer so worth heading over to his FB page and checking out the link."

New Book Feedback Coming Soon

Juan Molano - Striking and S&C Coach

"Dear Lawrence Kenshin, I've been doing Muay Thai for about 18 years and have been coaching it for about half that time. In total I've been doing martial arts since the age of ten (about thirty years).  

I'm also a fully qualified Strength and Conditioning coach, and functional movement specialist that focuses on performance. I'm only telling you this so that you can appreciate that I've been around and am not easily impressed.  

I can honestly say I've never ordered a book as quickly as I have yours! I didn't even know you were writing one and was VERY pleasantly surprised that you HAD and I wanted a copy straight away!  

The reason? I've been following your work for some time and have actually found someone who is equally as obsessed with Muay Thai and fighting as I am! Please keep up the excellent work ! 🙏🏽"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will the book be released? 

A: The official release date WILL BE ANNOUNCED SOON. The pre-order price is temporary. Grab it at 50% discount!

Q: How many chapters will be in the book 

A: There will be approximately 50+ chapters.

Q: Will there be a hard cover? 

A: Yes, if the book is well received. My supporters who pre-order will receive a special price on hard copies and an early release link.

Q: How do these differ from the info / knowledge in your videos? 

A: For the videos, I have to trim down the length and text for the purpose of entertainment and matching appropriate music. I am not limited by those things in a book and can therefore go into much greater detail of all the things I'd like to discuss. 

Q: Will there be video technology like the last book? 

A: No, although the last book and its video playing technology was well received, it also gave some people trouble. Video technology also prevents future physial copy publishing. This one will be much more like a traditional book. 

Q: When will we be charged?

A: The pre-orders payments will only go through once the book is released. You have 100% money back guarantee if you don't like the book.

Lawrence Kenshin's striking studies are highly advocated amongst legends in multiple combat sports. Several elite MMA coaches, UFC champions, and Muay Thai and kickboxing champions all stand behind his work. 

There are countless testimonials from professional and amateur athletes, as well as general martial artists and fight fans. His YouTube channel is the #1 most subscribed channel on striking arts and technique.

Check out more testimonials on his work.

Real testimonials on the previous book. 

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This is the most complete book on technique, tactics, and strategy to date. 

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